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Book Redistribution Services

Are there books that take up valuable space around your home?

Help keep books out of landfills and help us get them into the hands of people who actually need them! Get rid of your unwanted books today with our book redistribution services.

What We Do

Our mission at ShipMeBooks.com is simple – we exist to help preserve and give new life to books that would otherwise be collecting dust on yours shelves and/or thrown out. We accomplish this task by utilizing our extensive relationships with various charitable organizations throughout NYC. Additionally, any books that does not meet our donation eligibility requirements get responsibly recycled and/or resold to other book lovers around the country.

Book Redistribution Services

Where do your books go?

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Why Choose Us?

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People Say

The ShipMeBooks Team were awesome! They cleaned out my entire garage full of books in less than a few hours! They helped me with a massive burden of moving these books out!

Angela R

Our go to book removal service! Plus, they help the local community.

Jose S

Sold several hundred books to ShipMeBooks, and they were fair in the price they offered me for all my books. 

Sophia G

Keep Reading Without The Mess

E-books are a great way for you to have a large collection of books right at your fingertips without the mess around your home or office. We have thousands of ebooks available for you to choose from. Click the link below to check out our collection of ebooks.