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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, ShipMebooks.com has representatives in all of NYC’s Five Boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester County. However, under special circumstances we will travel outside of our standard service area with prior arrangement.

No, the ShipMeBooks representative assigned to pick up your books will have all the necessary tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently remove all your unwanted books. However, we do ask that you provide any special instructions during our pre-arrival phone call, so that way we can be better prepared on arrival.

Yes and No; Our mission at ShipMeBooks.com is to preserve and give new life to books that would otherwise be collecting dust on your shelves and/or thrown out (i.e., not recycled). We accomplish this task by donating up to 85% of the gently used books we receive to charity. Additionally, we may resell approximately 10% of the books received to help maintain our operating costs. Finally, we typically need to recycle approximately 5% of our received books due to excessive wear and damage. For that reason, upon our arrival, books will be quickly assessed for donation eligibility; if more than 50% of the books being picked up are deemed severely damaged and unable to be donated or resold, a 0.05¢ per pound removal and recycle fee may be charged (this charge helps to cover trucking to our contracted green recycling facility). 

We will enter your home and/or place of business only if you would like us too; Additionally, we’ll only enter once we’ve been granted permission to do so by the homeowner and/or business owner.

Yes, however a ShipMeBooks representative will need assess your books for quality and resell value prior to making any offer on the books. For more information on selling to ShipMeBooks, please call or email us! We’d be happy to discuss further.


Yes, you can certainly make that request and we will try our best to establish contact with that respective organization to determine donation eligibility. Please be advised that some books may be resold to help cover costs of our operation.

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